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early morning session

Post by Barbara Hoffmann on Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:11 pm

At the ISEE Europe Chapter call we had the idea that it might be useful to have an early morning session on how to translate research findings into local, national and international policies and to learn about how to campaign for an issue. As examples I would like to point out the efforts within the Europe Chapter to improve the funding situation for environmental health in H2020 and how to bring forward our position on policy issues such as the national emission ceiling directive (NECD) and the statements regarding air quality regulations. I think our actions as a society or Chapter could be more targeted and more people from our society would be interested in getting involved if we knew more about how to effectively campaign for these issues. Simon Birkett, a member of the EU Chapter executive council, volunteered to give a short introduction into this topic. I would therefore like to suggest this as an early morning session.

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