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Track Chairs

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:36 pm

This concept was created by Joel Kaufman for the 2014 Seattle conference. “This means to organize the planning of the scientific sessions into topical “tracks” that flow through the meeting. This would involve two individuals identified as “chairs” of each track who would play a role in organizing content in the program for that topic--including symposia and abstract sessions.The tracks are mostly intended to facilitate review and programming. Not all relevant science fits neatly into a "track" and many of the best sessions will be cross-cutting through these topics.”

The role of Track Chairs is to advocate for a high quality program in their topical area. The specific tasks are:

1. To evaluate a subset of symposium submissions and join a conference call with other track chairs to choose symposia for the conference;

2. to assist in identifying abstract reviewers in their track's area;

3. to assist in identifying session chairs for oral sessions of submitted abstracts in their area;

4. to assist in identifying the most outstanding abstracts in their topical area for potential highlighting in awards or plenary sessions;

6. to review the conference schedule as it takes shape to help identify potential conflicts;

7. to work with other track chairs to create a balanced meeting that reflects the interests of a wide variety of attendees.

Question to all: is this a way to go or it is too complicate and we may wish to simplify the process?


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