Steps of our work

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Steps of our work

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:47 pm

Period 1 (October-December 2015): agree on plenaries, call for symposia, courses and abstract review process

1. This document, together with initial information about the structure of the conference, the time slots etc, provides the starting point

2. An internet FORUM is available to allow everyone to post comments, suggestions, and documents until the first conference call (see next)

3. A first conference call (1.5 hour) to take final decision regarding the first items. The day will be communicated. The time will be 4.30 pm (Central European Time, UTC+1) so to allow conversation with Europe and Americas (Australia and Asia will be penalized, unfortunately).

Period 2 (January- March): agree on symposia, courses and policy of sessions formation

1. A document will be circulated by the end of January

2. Open discussion on the FORUM

3. Conference call in March (to be decided)

Period 3 (April-May): referees scores, creation of the sessions, program development

1. A document will be circulated in April

2. Open discussion on the FORUM

3. Conference call or/and actual meeting in Rome (for those who can participate on a voluntary basis) in May (to be decided).


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